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FAQ, tips and tricks - PlexTools Professional

My 'GigaRec' created audio CD does not play on my computer:

  • The native Windows CD player (Windows 98) software cannot play an audio disc that is greater than 99 minutes long.

The 'GigaRec' CD-R disc I created is refused by my CD player, CD-ROM, CD-RW drive:

  • The GigaRec function will minimize the space between the "pits" and "lands" to create the extra disc space, some CD players cannot work with such narrow space and will report read errors.
  • Depending on the "GigaRec" rate used, other devices will be able to read the disc or not.
  • Plextor guarantees that every Plextor Premium can read a GigaRec created disc.

Cannot record at 52X write speed, even on a disc which passed the Q-check FE/TE Test:

  • The Q-Check FE/TE Test checks the performance of a disc based on the physical characteristics of its material, so if the conditions of the disc appears fine the test may certify that the disc is capable for 52X writing. On the other hand, a blank disc contains encoded information which includes the write speed capability of the disc. When the disc is inserted the drive will read this information and set the corresponding write speeds. Because of this, the drive writes at the speed encoded in the disc information and not according to the Q-Check FE/TE Test result.
  • Although the "Q-check FE/TE Test" checks the physical characteristics of the disc material, the drive will continuously monitor the quality of the disc during the writing process. When the quality is not sufficient the drive will automatically reduce the writing speed. This function is called PoweRec.

When starting the 'Q-check FE/TE Test' immediately an error message comes up:

  • The "Q-check FE/TE Test" can only work on blank CD-R discs. Stamped, recorded or CD-RW disc cannot be used for this test.

What does the PI-PO test check?

  • This test will measure the quality of the written or pressed media by counting the number of raw data errors.
    This is only possible with the PX-712A/SA/UF drive.
    Most of these errors are correctable by the drive.
    A good result should show maximum PI-error rate below 280 and no PO errors.
    PIE: indicates the number of Parity inner errors.
    PIF: (Parity inner fail) indicates the number of uncorrectable PI Errors.
    POF: (Parity outer fail) indicates the number of uncorrectable blocks.
    For more detailed information check the PlexTools help files.

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