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RMA Request

In order to return a Plextor product for in-warranty service, following procedure should be used.

IMPORTANT : Plextor will not accept any returns without RMA Number.

This service is applicable only for Plextor products purchased in Europe, and in following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

RMA Request:

  • Contact Plextor Technical Support Department by mail, fax, email or from the website.
  • by mail : to Plextor SA/NV, Technical Support Department
      Excelsiorlaan 9, B-1930 Zaventem, Belgium.
    by fax : at +32 2 718 03 90.
    online: Plextor RMA
  • Include your personal data (Name, full address, telephone, email address, etc).
  • Indicate the model(type) and serial number of the drive, as well as date of purchase.
  • Give a complete fault description, preferable in the English, French or German language.
  • Select the color of the drive.
  • By using the RMA request, the user confirms to understand and accept the terms and conditions as described in the Service Policy.

Return Authorisation:

  • After receipt of the RMA request by Plextor, a confirmation and authorisation message will be communicated within 24 hours.
  • This document will contain:
    • A RMA number (which is your reference number)
    • Your personal data (please check them carefully for any mistakes)
    • The drive's data (please check them carefully for any mistakes)
    • The problem description (may be summarised)
    • Instructions what to do with the defective unit.
    • Instructions about the defective unit and the RMA Service.


  • After receipt of the RMA material, Plextor will service the product as indicated on the original RMA request, and return it within the shortest time by courier.

RMA Request Form:

In order to obtain a valid RMA number, please use the following request form.

Feel free to use our PX-INFO PROGRAM to collect the information of your system and configuration for easy feedback.
* These fields are required.
Personal Information :
*Name :
Company :
*Address :
*ZIP-code :
*City :
*Country :
*Telephone :
Fax :
*E-mail :
*Language :

Drive Information :
*Model :
*Serial Number :
NOTE: The complete 12-digit number as mentioned on the drive is needed
*Purchase Date :
*Warranty : Yes Please check the warranty conditions !
  No Only drives that are in-warranty will be accepted. If the drive's warranty-period has expired, please contact the Plextor Support Department first.
  DOA : Yes purchase date < 15 days. A copy of the purchase invoice must be included for warranty verification.
* Color :

Problem Description : (limited to 250 characters!)


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