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FAQ, tips and tricks - Functionality

- Why can't I power the unit on or off?

This is due to the fact that the unit is automatically powered on and off when starting or shutting down the computer when it's connected to the computer.

- Why is the blue led constantly illuminated on the front of the Convert X?

In that way you can see that the unit is powered on and connected to the computer through a USB connection.

- During capturing I experience a lot of frame drops.

Then you should check the following:
-What type of USB connection is the unit connected?
-Are the drivers for the USB controller and Convert X correctly installed?
-Are you performing any other tasks?
-Is your system performant enough? (Does it meet the minimum specifications?)

- Capturing doesn't work the software always reports that the video source is not connected. What to do now?

Then you need to open the settings menu and check the input video signal you selected on the device control tab.

- Each time I start the capture software I get an error message that the video source is not connected.

This can be related to 2 causes :
- the video source is not powered on or the cables are not correctly plugged in
- the video source setting in the capture software in the devie control panel is not

- I have a DivX DVD player and it does not play back the files I made with my PX-M402U. What can I do?

Check to see if your player is "DivX Certified" or just "DivX Compatible".
If the player is "DivX Certified" it should play back all DivX files you create with the 402U.
If the player is only "DivX Compatible", check with the DVD player manufacturer for any information on settings you might try for better compatibility.

- I have a DivX DVD player and sometimes I hear an audio pop when I play back my movie. Is there a way to remove this?

This is a bug found in some DivX DVD players. This may occur if you are using the DivX Home Theater video capture profile to capture your video and there is a very high action scene. This can be solved by selecting the DivX Home Theater (MP2, LP) setting.

- No preview is shown in the preview window when the ConvertX is selected as capture source, even though a full screen preview is possible. When continuing with a capture, the resulting file is unaffected.

Try reducing the color depth setting of your desktop from 32 bit to 16 bit.
To do this, right click on your desktop and select properties, then go to the 'Settings' tab. Where 'Color quality' is indicated, select 16 bit from the drop-down box.

If this does not solve your problem, try reducing your screen resolution as well.

- When I fast-forward or rewind the image in my WinDVD Creator window using the control panel, the video becomes distorted and the WinDVD Creator program freezes. How can I prevent this?

The program may lose sync if the Fast-Forward or Rewind buttons are pushed during playback. Before using Fast-Forward or Rewind during the playback, press the Stop button.

- I have the ConvertX M402U and Windows 2000. When I try to capture video using the MPEG-4 profile, the preview window remains black. What's wrong?

This problem will only occur when using Windows 2000 and selecting the MPEG-4 profile. A standard Windows 2K system does not come with the required MPEG4 codec.
- Uninstall the WinDVD Creator application
- Download the "Codecs Installation Package for Windows Media Player 6.4" from here.
- Install the codec package
- Install the WinDVD Creator application

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