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FAQ, tips and tricks - CD-Recording Software

Can the PX-708A/UF work with the Apple Macintosh Operating System?
Does the PX-712A work with Macintosh systems?

- Description :

  • In order to record data to a CD-R media, you must use special software: the CD Pre-Mastering software. There are various packages available from numerous manufacturers. It is very important to have a version of the software that will support your model of recorder. Otherwise the software will not recognise your recorder and will warn you no recorder is available. In this case, please check the manufacturer's website for an update to the correct version.
  • Plextor has made a reference list available on the website. Please check the CD-Recording Software page for the latest versions.

- Can the PX-708A/UF work with the Apple Macintosh Operating System?

The Plextor PX-708A/UF can be used on Mac OS X., for full compatibility and support for the DVD+R media you will require MAC OS X.3 (Panther). Recording software must be obtained separately. Here is a short list of recording software that can be used on Mac OS X.3: Toast Titanium 6 (, Charismac Discribe (, NTI Dragon Burn X v3.0 (

- Does the PX-712A work with Macintosh systems?

Plextor Europe doesn't officially give support for Macintosh.
However you can use our drives on the MAC OS Systems.
It is advisable to use MAC OS 10.3.3 or newer (older versions do not support DVD+R discs) in combination with:
- Roxio Toast Titanium (
- Charismac Discribe (
- NTI Dragon burn X 3.0 as recording software. (
The DVD reading capabilities are supported automatically by the Mac OS systems.
If you are using Mac OS 9.x you can also use our drive PX-708A/712A/UF but the DVD+R discs are not supported in this operating system, Toast titanium 5.2 is the only OS 9.x compatible recording software that supports our drives.
For more information you can contact Plextor support (Contact form)

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