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FAQ, tips and tricks - CD-R/RW Media

CD-R media
CD-RW media
The making of CD-R media
Quality of CD-R media (OEM CD-R media)
Oversized CD-R media (90 - 99 minutes)
What media should I use with my PX-712 to get the best possible results?

CD-R media :
  • CD-R stands for "CD-Recordable".
  • CD-R media is "write once" which means you cannot erase or reuse the disc after data has been written to it. However once the disc is written you can use the discs with a standard CD player like a standard factory made CD.
CD-RW media :
  • A related technology is called CD-ReWritable (CD-RW). This technology allows you to erase the discs and reuse them. All Plextor recorders are able to write CD-R and CD-RW discs (except 412C and 820TS). However the CD-RW media doesn't work in all standard CD players.
The making of CD-R media :
  • The CD-R discs are made of polycarbonate, with a pre-formed track spiral which the recording laser follows when writing information onto the disc. A translucent layer of recordable material (dye) is laid on top of this polycarbonate, then a reflective layer (gold or silver coloured). On top there is a thin layer of varnish and sometimes a printed label.
Quality of CD-R media (OEM CD-R media) :
  • Many users aren't aware about the difference in quality of CD-R / CD-RW media and the possible affect of it on the writing process of the disc. (Powerec)
  • Because CD media vendors often change disc suppliers, quality levels may change due to other manufacturing processes. This means that you may encounter writing problems with media that have worked successfully before.
  • Therefore we advice to use the Plextor recommended media or branded media from a major manufacture. More information about recommended media for your Plextor can be found on the CD-R/CD-RW media list.
Oversized CD-R media (90 - 99 minutes) :
  • The extra data space on these discs was accomplished by positioning the tracks closer together and by using a part of the "lead in" and "lead out" for data purpose.
  • However due to these modifications the CD-R discs do not match the Red book standard and quality cannot be guaranteed.
  • The use of the official CD logo is not allowed on these CD-R discs.
  • Some Plexwriters can work with the 90 - 99 minutes media when the latest firmware is installed, more info can be found on the info records of the firmware upgrades on the download page.
  • Some of these media are forced to be recognised as 80 minute media and the remaining part can only be written by use of overburning.
What media should I use with my PX-712 to get the best possible results?

The recommended media for this recorder is manufactured by Verbatim, Maxell, Ricoh, Plextor, Mitsubishi Chemical and Taiyo Yuden. For the complete list of models I would advice you to go to our media list available on our media page.

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