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FAQ, tips and tricks - General Questions

- What connections are available on the Convert X?

On the front of the Convert X you will find the S-video and composite input connections.
On the back of the Convert X there's a power plug for the external adapter and the USB connection for connecting the unit to the computer.

- I wonder if your product could be used also for direct outputting of a video signal to the monitor screen?

Yes, it's possible to view the video that's played back by the source by starting the video capture software and using the enlarge screen with the enlarge screen button.

- Is the PX-M402U DivX Certified?

Yes, the PX-M402U has received official DivX Certification. The PX-M402U hardware is a DivX Certified encoder and the supplied InterVideo WinDVD Creator software is DivX Certified software.

- What DivX profiles does the PX-M402U support?

The PX-M402U supports the DivX Home Theater and DivX Portable profiles via its built-in hardware encoder and supports the DivX Handheld profile via InterVideo's WinDVD Creator software. For more details on the specifications, check out the Advanced Technical Specifications page. (Link to page)

- Can I use the PX-M402U with my Digital (DV) camcorder?

Yes, you can connect your digital camcorder through the analog video output connectors. Your video capture quality should not suffer.

- How do I make a DivX DVD or CD which I can play back in a DVD player?

If you have a DivX Certified DVD player, you should be able to capture and burn CDs and DVDs to play back in your player. Select one of the DivX profiles when capturing your video and then use your CD/DVD burning software to burn the file to a disc as a Data Disc. Place the disc in your player and then select the file you want to play.

- Can I capture and burn a video directly to a DVD disc with the PX-M402U?

Yes, you can capture video directly to a DVD disc. From the Startup Menu, select the Record Directly to DVD Disc option and follow the on screen instructions. You can only record directly to disc using the DVD/MPEG-2 format. Direct to Disc is not available when capturing DivX, MPEG-4 or MPEG-1 video.

- Can I edit my DVD disc after I have burned it?

Yes, make sure you burn to DVD disc using the "VR" format option on the Make Movie screen. You can add and delete video from your DVD disc. Make sure your DVD burner supports the DVD VR format.

- What video and audio setting is WinDVD Creator using when I capture my video with the PX-M402U?

See the Advanced Technical Specifications page for details on the video and audio setting used by WinDVD Creator. (Link to page)

- There are a lot of different video capture settings to choose for DVD/MPEG-2. Which one should I use?

The different video capture profiles correspond to different levels of video quality. Choose the highest quality setting that allows you to fit your video on the disc that you want to record it to. If you are not sure, capture in the highest quality and you can convert the video later when you are finished editing it.

- Which compression techniques are used by ConvertX?

ConvertX PX-M402U supports MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 and DivX .

MPEG1 is commonly used for VideoCD (VCD). The picture size is 352x288 and the bitrate is 1.15Mbps. This means a small, low-resolution playback picture that cannot handle fast moving video very well. When enlarged to full-screen, the picture definition becomes blurred.
Because of the low definition, it can be played back from CD-R that can hold upto 80 minutes MPEG1 video.

MPEG2 is used for DVD-Video. It allows higher resolution and higher bitrates. The result is excellent quality video.
There are several quality settings as there are several combinations of framesize and bitrate.
The most commonly used is 720x576 at a bitrate of 6Mbps. At this quality level, it is possible to record upto 80 minutes on a DVD of 4.3 GB. When using the lowest resolution, upto 169 minutes can be stored on a recordable DVD.

MPEG4 and DivX are the latest compression techniques which application is now becoming widespread.
Using DivX, the maximum storage on a CD-R is 2 hours, and upto 10 hours on a DVD. The resulting file can be played directly by Windows Media Player (a dedicated codec needs to be installed for the DivX encoded video).

- What can I do with ConvertX?

Your ConvertX acts as an interface between the analogue video output of your Video Equipment and your Personal Computer. It is a Digital Video Converter that converts and compresses the analogue video stream into a digital MPEG stream. The digital information is transported over the USB connection to your PC, and stored in a file on the PC's hard disk. This way you can capture video from any Video Device with Analogue Output, such as your Camcorder, VHS Recorder, DVD Player or Recorder, TV Tuner, etc.

- How do I connect ConvertX?

On the rear panel of ConvertX there is a USB connector which may be connected to a free USB2.0 connector on the PC.
On the front panel, the input connections are available. You can easily identify the white and red RCA plugs for Audio Left and Audio Right.
For video, you can choose to use the S-Video or the yellow Composite Video connector. The choice of which of these two connectors to use will depend on your video source device.
If your device has a Composite Video output, you can make a link to ConvertX by using the cable with yellow RCA plugs. You can also use the S-Video input with appropriate cable.
Whichever video input you decide to use, you always need to connect the audio inputs at the same time. All necessary cables are provided with your ConvertX.
If your video device only has a SCART connector then you can connect by means of the SCART-to-Composite Video and Audio converter that we supply.


- Can I use ConvertX on a USB 1.1 bus?

The maximum video bitrate that ConvertX can encode is 15Mbps. This speed is no problem for the USB2.0 interface. When a USB1.1 interface is used, the specification is limited to a bitrate of 3Mbps, which is too low for quality video. So USB 2.0 is highly recommended.

- Is SVCD supported on ConvertX?

SuperVCD (a VideoCD format that contains a MPEG2 file with 480x480/576 resolution and upto 2.6 Mbps bitrate) is not supported.

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