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Service conditions

Material Return for after-sales service:

In-warranty service

In the event that a Plextor product is defective within the warranty period, it can be returned to Plextor for in-warranty service.
Before returning any products to Plextor , a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) has to be requested. After verification, Plextor may authorise to return the product by issuing a RMA number.

Replacement drives:

  • Replacement drives are of the same type as the returned drive. The serial number will be different.
  • The replacement drive can be any of following category's:
    • New drive
    • Revised drive
    • Serviced drive
    Plextor reserves the right to use any of these category's at its own choice.
  • The warranty of the original drive is maintained and taken over by the replacement drive.
  • Plextor reserves the right to use a drive of another model/type than the returning drive as a replacement.
  • After the exchange service, the defective product becomes property of Plextor.
  • By applying for the RMA service, one confirms to know and understand the service conditions.
The service for in-warranty returns is free-of-charge. All shipments of serviced in-warranty drives are handled and paid by Plextor. In case Plextor finds any returned drive not to be in warranty as described in the Warranty Terms and Conditions, it reserves the right to invoice all service and transport costs.
In no case, Plextor can be held responsible for any loss or damages during transports to or from Plextor.

DOA (dead-on-arrival) service

Plextor recognises your drive being DOA if following conditions are met:
  • The problem is mentioned by written notice (fax or email) to Plextor support within 15 days after the purchase date.
  • An RMA number is necessary to return the defective drive to Plextor, please refer to our RMA-request page for details.
  • upon receipt of the defective drive, it will be replaced, if possible, by a new one.
  • a copy of the purchase invoice must be send with the drive to validate the warranty.
  • instructions that come with the RMA confirmation number must be followed stricktly.
  • the drive may not be damaged
  • if any of these conditions are not met, the procedure is automatically changed to standard RMA service or will return unrepaired if there is no warranty on the unit.

Out-of-warranty service

Plextor reserves the right to refuse requests for out-of-warranty service.
In case an out-of-warranty service is accepted, Plextor will invoice all repair and transport costs. Plextor will not accept any returns without Return Material Authorisation.


In European Countries, not belonging to the European Community, a different service policy is applied. However, for Switzerland and Norway, the same service policy as within EC is applicable.
Endusers, dealers or distributors can return defective goods to Plextor under following conditions:
  • the returned material is in warranty
  • a RMA number is requested and issued by Plextor.
For shipments from countries not belonging to the European Community to Plextor, a signed pro-forma invoice must accompany the returning shipment.

What to do when your Plextor drive is defective.
  1. Read the Warranty Information
    -> Verify that your drive is in warranty

  2. Read theReturn Procedures and Conditions
    -> Learn how to return the defective drive to Plextor

  3. Request a RMA Number
    -> Fill-in the RMA request page and send it to Plextor
    -> Wait for the confirmation and further instructions

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