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Firmware versions for PlexWriter Premium(-U)

PlexWriter Premium(-U) V1.07
  • Improvement:
  • Writing quality on TDK CD-R Media
PlexWriter Premium(-U) V1.06
  • Added:
  • Support for new media
  • Fixed bugs:
  • Error when writing CD-EXTRA by some software
  • Error when writing Lead Out under Windows XP
PlexWriter Premium(-U) V1.05
  • Improvements:
  • Support for newer High Speed CD-RW media
  • Support for newer Ultra Speed CD-RW media.
  • Write performance on Ultra Speed CD-RW media.
PlexWriter Premium(-U) V1.04
  • Added:
  • Support for writing on 32x Ultra Speed CD-RW (Mitsubishi Chemical Media SW74GU1).
  • Support for newer CD-R media.
  • Improvements:
  • Write quality on US CD-RW media.
  • Write and read performance of GigaRec.
PlexWriter Premium(-U) V1.03
  • Added:
  • GigaRec at 8x writing.
  • Support for newer CD-R media.
  • Improvements:
  • Write performance for several NS and US CD-RW.
  • Write quality on various CD-R media.
  • FE/TE test for Plextor media.
PlexWriter Premium(-U) V1.02
  • Fixed Bugs:
  • Writing on some CD-R media at speeds between 20X to 40X will generate a write error.
PlexWriter Premium(-U) V1.01
  • Fixed Bugs:
  • Compatibility with Ahead InCD 4
  • Compatibility with Direct CD-formatted discs under Windows XP
  • Compatibility with Digital Audio Playback of Windows Media Player
  • Improvements:
  • Read performance for eccentric discs
  • Write performance for several NS & US CD-RW

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