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Firmware upgrades for CD-Recorders

(model Premium 2)
(model PX-230A)
(model PlexWriter Premium, PlexWriter Premium-U)
(model PX-5224TA)
(model PX-W4824TA, PX-W4824TU)
(model PX-W4012TS)
(model PX-W4012TA, PX-W4012TU)
(model PX-320A)
(models PX-W2410TA, PX-W2410TU)
(model PX-S2410TU)
(models PX-S88T, PX-S88TU)
(model PX-W1610TA)
(models PX-W1210TSi, PX-W1210TSe)
(model PX-W1210TA)
(models PX-W124TSi, PX-W124TSe)
(model PX-W8432T)
(models PX-W8220Ti, PX-W8220Te)
(models PX-W4220Ti, PX-W4220Te)
(models PX-R820Ti, PX-R820Te)
(models PX-R412C, PX-R412Ci, PX-R412Ce)

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