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Firmware versions for PlexWriter 8/2/20

PX-W8220T V1.05
  • Added:
  • Reading of overburned Audio discs
  • Fixed Bugs:
  • Writing of SAO-MultiSession (close last session)
  • Improvements:
  • Read of CD TEXT data (Error detection added)
  • Initialisation of CD-Extra discs
PX-W8220T V1.04
  • Fixed Bugs:
  • Correction for reading of CD TEXT Data
  • Improvements:
  • General Read and Write performance
  • Read performance for CD-DA + Subcode (DAE)
PX-W8220T V1.03
  • Fixed Bugs:
  • Correction for reading of ISRC codes
  • Correction for SAO, writing the Lead-Out
  • Write error after Quick Erase
  • Improvements:
  • Extraction quality for Read CD-DA (DAE)
PX-W8220T V1.02
  • Added:
  • Writing of CopyBit Flag
  • Fixed Bugs:
  • SAO Support ( Cue Sheet, PMA Length, start of Lead-Out)
  • Reading of Type80 media
  • Improvements:
  • Read performance of CD-XA Mode2 Form2
  • Better compatibility with Orange Book II V3.1 specifications
  • Better support of Fuji Media
  • Reduction of write errors
PX-W8220T V1.01
  • Improvements:
  • Write performance for CD-RW (when doing OPC, the software's parameters are changed for optimum power)
  • Performance for CD-RW Erase

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