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Firmware versions for PX-708A2/UF2

PX-708A2/UF2 V1.09

  • Improvements:
  • Writing quality on TDK CD-R media.

PX-708A2/UF2 V1.08

  • Improvements:
  • read performance of DVD-R media.
  • BURNProof function for writing CD media.
  • compatibility with 8cm DVD+RW.
  • compatibility with specific DVD-ROM media.

PX-708A2/UF2 V1.07

  • Added:
  • Support for newer DVD+R media.
  • Support for newer DVD-R media.
  • Improvements:
  • Write performance on DVD+R media.
  • Write performance on DVD-R media.
  • Read support for DVD-R DL media.

PX-708A2/UF2 V1.06

  • Improvements:
  • Write performance on CD-R media
  • Write performance on CD-RW media
  • Compatibility with some DVD recorders

PX-708A2/UF2 V1.05

  • Improvements:
  • Writing performance on DVD-R media.
  • Writing performance on DVD+R media.
  • Fixed Bugs:
  • Copying CD-Extra failure in some application.

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