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Firmware versions for PX-W1610TA

PX-W1610TA V1.05
  • Fixed Bugs:
  • Hang-up during copy of Mixed Mode CD by means of Easy CDCreator V5.1.1.102
  • Cannot mount a CD-RW formatted by InCD 3.16 or B's Clip 3.16
  • Transfer mode changes from DMA to PIO when the system exits stand-by mode under Windows 2000
  • Autorun does not start on Windows XP system
  • Added:
  • Support for latest Orange Book Part2 Vol2 V1.1 specification
  • Improvements:
  • Write performance for various discs, types and speeds
PX-W1610TA V1.04
  • Added:
  • Special commands for Windows XP blank disc detection and pop-up function
  • Improvements:
  • Read performance for CD-TEXT
  • Read performance for CD-DA (DAE)
  • Write performance for High Speed CD-RW media
PX-W1610TA V1.03
  • Added:
  • Improved PoweRec function
  • Fixed Bugs:
  • Drive may hang during Read CD-DA
  • Improvements:
  • Reading of ISRC/UPC code at higher speeds
  • Read performance for CD-RW media at 32X
  • Write performance for High Speed CD-RW (Version 1.10 Standard)
  • Reliability by reducing operating temperature
PX-W1610TA V1.02
  • Fixed Bugs:
  • Drive may hang when Read Speed is decreased (read error) on CD-RW media
  • Improvements:
  • Write performance for Mitsui 16X CD-R media

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