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PlexWriter 8/20

Fast SCSI-2 CD-Writer

Internal and external version
8X Write
20X Read
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Total Solution Features

  • 8X write (1200KB/s)
  • 9X-20X read P-CAV (1350KB/s - 3000KB/s)
  • Fast SCSI-2 Interface (10MB/s Burst Data Transfer Rate)
  • Access Time 170 ms
  • 4MB Buffer
  • Capable of reading CD TEXT information
  • Compatible with:
    • Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, UNIX, Novell, OS/2 Warp, Solaris & Macintosh
  • MultiRead Compatible
  • One-Year Full Warranty (parts, labor)
Leading Edge Performance

Plextor's high standards for dependability and performance are also now available for CD-Recording. The Plexwriter 8/20 writes your data at 8X and reads at a maximum speed of 20X. The PlexWriter 8/20 offers an amazing 10MB/s data transfer rate and a 170 ms access time. The combination of a Fast SCSI burst rate, low CPU utilization, a large 4MB buffer and synchronous data transfer all add up to increase the efficiency and the reliability of CD writing. The PlexWriter 8/20 supports all major recordable CD-R discs and«ª¦ª«ªªªthe reading of CD TEXT information as provided on the latest Audio CD's.

Plextor's new CD-recorder is equipped with a tray-loading mechanism with auto balancing spindle motor for easy access and high stability during recording.
The complete kit will contain : CD-Recorder, 2 blank media, WinOnCD 3.6 and Packet CD 3.00 CD-Recording software and a 12 languages manual. Plextor backs up the PlexWriter 8/20 with one year warranty and full technical support.

PlexWriter 8/20 Benefits

  • 8X writing.
  • 9 to 20X Partial CAV Reader.
  • Fast SCSI-2 multi-tasking capabilities.
  • Windows 95 and Windows 98 Plug & Play compatible.
  • One year full-warranty (parts, labor, and replacement).
  • Writes CD-ROM Modes 1 and 2, CD-XA Form 1 and 2, CD-DA, CD-I, Video CD & Photo CD.
  • Creates Audio CD, CD Extra, Enhanced CD, Photo CD, CD-I & Video CD Titles.
  • Supports Disk-At-Once, Track-At-Once, Multisession, Packet Writing modes.
Plextor Manager 96 includes Disc Info?, a Plextor unique feature that tells you everything about the inserted disk. Format, file type, tracks and sessions are all identified for you. 


PX-R820Ti Internal

PX-R820Te External

Usable Formats Write Read Play Write Read Play
-- CD-DA * 9-20X PCAV * * 9-20X PCAV *
-- CD-ROM * *   * *  
-- CD-ROM + CD-DA * 9-20X PCAV * * 9-20X PCAV *
-- CD-ROM XA * *   * *  
-- CD-I * *   * *  
-- PHOTO-CD * *   * *  
-- VIDEO-CD * *   * *  
-- CD-RW   8X CLV     8X CLV  
-- CD TEXT   *     *  

Writing Modes
Track at once
Track at once
    Disc at once     Disc at once  
    Multisession     Multisession  
    Packet writing     Packet Writing  

Data Transfer Rate
-- Burst 10MB/s 10MB/s
-- Read 9X-20X: 1.35-3.0MB/s PCAV 9X-20X: 1.35-3.0MB/s PCAV
  8X: 1200KB/s 8X: 1200KB/s
  4X: 600KB/s 4X: 600KB/s
  2X: 300KB/s 2X: 300KB/s
  1X: 150KB/s 1X: 150KB/s
-- Write 8X: 1200KB/s 8X: 1200KB/s
  4X: 600KB/s 4X: 600KB/s
  2X: 300KB/s 2X: 300KB/s
  1X: 150KB/s 1X: 150KB/s
Access Time 170ms (9X-20X PCAV) 170ms (9X-20X PCAV)
Data Buffer 4MB 4MB
Error Rate less than 10-12 bits less than 10-12 bits

Front Panel
Eject Auto Eject/Manual Emergency Auto Eject/Manual Emergency
Lights Indication POWER ON, DISC IN, READ, WRITE (1X, 2X, 4X and 8X) Indication POWER ON, DISC IN; READ, WRITE (1X, 2X, 4X and 8X)
Disc Loading Auto load/auto eject Auto load/auto eject
Headphone Jack Stereo mini-jack, 0.9V at 32 Ohms Stereo mini-jack, 0.9V at 32 Ohms

Rear Panel
Power Supply DC +5V and DC +12V AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Power Switch N/A Tumbler Type: 3A, 250V
Interface SCSI bus SCSI bus
  50- pin header type Two 50-pin High Density
Audio Connector Analog output Analog Output
  Molex Connector RCA Jacks
Jumper switch SCSI-ID, Parity, Terminator, Test  
  Block Size  
DIP Switch   Parity, Termination, Test, 
    Block Size
Rotary Switch N/A SCSI-ID

Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions 146 x 41.3 x 205 mm 178 x 57 x 305.5 mm
Weight 1.150 kg 2.7 kg

MTBF 60.000 POH 60.000 POH
Tray Loading Eject 200.000 times 200.000 times
Warranty 1 year (Parts & Labour) 1 year (Parts & Labour)

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