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PlexWriter Premium

Internal E-IDE CD-Rewriter

52X Write
32X ReWrite
52X Read
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Compatible CD/DVD Media
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Leading Edge Performance

Plextor, one of the leading companies for the development and production of CD-ROM drives, CD-Recorders, CD-ReWriters and media is expanding its range with the PlexWriter Premium, which writes CD's at 52-speed, rewrites at 32-speed and reads at 52-speed. The PlexWriter Premium is the ideal instrument for both professional and private users who want to copy CD's, archive large files, or create multimedia productions.

Designed specifically for the latest black PC cases, Plextor is one of the first companies to offer the choice of both black and white casing using the latest 52-speed writing technology.

The PlexWriter Premium comes in internal version with a Tray load mechanism.
The Retail package contains: PlexWriter Premium, 1 blank CD-R disc, 1 blank CD-R/W disc, CD-Recording software Nero + InCD (OEM version), Plextor Utility software (PlexTools Professional), manual in 16 languages, mounting screws.

The PlexWriter Premium is supported by a unique two-year On-Site Collect & Return** guarantee by Plextor, by which any inconveniences resulting from a defect are reduced to a minimum. The firmware is stored in FlashROM which makes it possible to quickly and easily upgrade to the latest version. CD TEXT is also completely supported.

With the PlexWriter Premium, the user has a perfect all-in-one product for backup, duplication and all multimedia applications. CD's can be written, rewritten and read on a single unit, and at the highest possible speed.

PlexWriter Premium Benefits

  • 52X write
  • 32X rewrite
  • 52X read through SpeedRead function
  • ATAPI Interface (PIO Mode 4, Multiword DMA Mode 2, UDMA/33 Mode 2)
  • GigaRec Technology
  • SecuRec Technology
  • Silent Mode
  • Q-Check
  • Buffer Underrun Proof Technology
  • PoweRec Technology (Plextor Optimised Writing Error Reduction Control)
  • VariRec Technology (Variable Recording)
  • Access Time <65 ms
  • 8MB Buffer
  • Mount Rainier Ready
  • Capable of reading and writing CD TEXT information
  • Compatible with:
    • Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • MultiRead Compatible
  • Supports SPDIF (Digital Audio Output)
  • High Quality Digital Audio Extraction
  • A black tray, to reduce the jitter and to increase the quality of the burned CD
  • An optimised PCB circuit to reduce noise to get a higher quality of CD
  • Two year* full-warranty (parts, labor and replacement) with On-Site Collect & Return** service
  • Writes CD-ROM Modes 1 and 2, CD-XA Form 1 and 2, CD-DA, CD-I, Video CD & Photo CD.
  • Creates Audio CD, CD Extra, Enhanced CD, Photo CD, CD-I & Video CD Titles.
  • Supports Disk-At-Once, Track-At-Once, Multisession, Packet Writing modes.
  • Wide CD-R and CD-RW media compatibility (74min and Type80 - 79min)
  • Includes PlexTools Professional



Usable Formats Write/ReWrite Read Play
-- CD-DA * * *
-- CD-ROM * *
-- CD-ROM + CD-DA * * *
-- CD-ROM XA * *
-- CD-I * *
-- PHOTO-CD * *
-- VIDEO-CD * *
-- CD-Extra * * *
-- CD+G * * *
-- CD-TEXT * *

Writing Modes Track at once
Session at once
Disc at once
Packet writing

Silent Mode
Buffer Underrun Proof Technology
PoweRec Explanation link
VariRec Explanation link

Data Transfer Rate
-- Burst (UDMA/33) 33MB/s
-- Write CD-R
52X: 7800KB/s CAV
40X: 6000KB/s P-CAV
32X: 4800KB/s P-CAV
24X: 3600KB/s P-CAV
20X: 3000KB/s CLV
16X: 2400KB/s CLV
10X: 1500KB/s CLV
8X: 1200KB/s CLV
4X: 600KB/s CLV
52X: 7800KB/s CAV
40X: 6000KB/s P-CAV
32X: 4800KB/s P-CAV
24X: 3600KB/s P-CAV
20X: 3000KB/s CLV
16X: 2400KB/s CLV
10X: 1500KB/s CLV
8X: 1200KB/s CLV
4X: 600KB/s CLV
-- ReWrite 32X: 4800KB/s P-CAV
24X: 3600KB/s P-CAV
20X: 3000KB/s P-CAV
10X: 1500KB/s CLV
4X: 600KB/s CLV
-- Read 22X-52X: 3300-7800KB/s CAV
18X-40X: 2710-6000KB/s CAV
14X-32X: 2170-4800KB/s CAV
10X-24X: 1600-3600KB/s CAV
8X: 1200KB/s CLV
4X: 600KB/s CLV
Access Time <65ms
Data Buffer 8MB
Error Rate Mode1: less than 10-12bits
Mode2: less than 10-9bits

Front Panel
Eject Auto Eject/Manual Emergency
Lights Indication ON - DISC IN
Disc Loading Tray, Auto load/auto eject
Headphone Jack Stereo mini-jack, 0.8V at 32 Ohms

Rear Panel
Power Supply DC +5V and DC +12V
Audio Connector Analog output (Molex Connector)
Digital SPDIF output

Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions 146 x 41.3 x 190 mm
Weight 1 kg

MTBF 60.000 POH (12% 8H/day)
Tray Loading Eject 50.000 times
Warranty 2 year *
Service On-Site Collect&Return Service **

*only valid in Europe, Middle-East an Africa.
**(EU-Countries + Norway and Switzerland)

2007 Plextor SA/NV, All rights reserved.