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External USB 2.0 + IEEE (FireWire) CD-R & DVD±R Recorder

8X DVD Burning
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Leading Edge Performance

Plextor, one of the leading companies for the development and production of CD-ROM drives, CD-Recorders and CD-ReWriters is expanding its range with its first Dual Format drive: PX-708UF, which writes DVD's at 8-speed, rewrites at 4-speed using the DVD plus format. With the DVD minus format, this drive writes at 4x and rewrites at 2x.
The PX-708UF reads DVD-ROMs at 12x.

The PX-708UF comes in external version with a Tray load mechanism.
The Retail package includes: PX-708UF (DVD Recorder), USB cable, IEEE (FireWire) cable, power cable, adapter, Plextor CD/DVD Utility Software (PlexTools Professional), Nero 5.5 and InCD recording software, Pinnacle Studio 8 software, PowerDVD software, 16-language manual.

The PX-708UF is supported by a unique two-year On-Site Collect & Return** guarantee by Plextor, by which any inconveniences resulting from a defect are reduced to a minimum. The firmware is stored in FlashROM which makes it possible to quickly and easily upgrade to the latest version. CD TEXT is also completely supported.

With the PX-708UF, the user has a perfect all-in-one product for creating own home videos, back-ups, composition of photograph collections, saving music...

PX-708UF Benefits

  • Writing DVD+R: 8x
  •           DVD-R: 4x
  •           CD-R: 40x
  • Rewriting DVD+RW: 4x
  •              DVD-RW: 2x
  •              CD-RW: 24x
  • Reading DVD-ROM: 12x
  •            CD-ROM: 40x
  • Buffer Underrun Proof Technology: Stops buffer underrun errors
  • VariRec Technology
  • PoweRec Technology (Plextor Optimised Writing Error Reduction Control)
  • Supports Lossless Linking (DVD+R/RW)
  • Zero Link (DVD-R/RW)
  • Supports Background Formatting
  • Access Time <100 ms for CD; 150 ms for DVD
  • 2MB Buffer
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • PC Compatibility:
    • Pentium III 700Mhz or higher
    • 128MB Memory
    • 800MB-1GB of free disk space
  • Compatible with:
    • Windows 98 SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • MultiRead Compatible
  • Supports SPDIF (Digital Audio Output)
  • High Quality Digital Audio Extraction
  • A black tray, to reduce the jitter and to increase the quality of the burned CD
  • Two year* full-warranty (parts, labor and replacement) with On-Site Collect & Return** service
  • Compatible formats:
    CD (Read/Write)
    CD-DA, CD-Extra, CD-ROM Mode-1, CD-ROM Mode-2, CD-ROM XA, Photo-CD, Video-CD, Multisession, CD TEXT, CD-I, CD+G, UDF
    CD-R/RW (Write)
    Track at Once, Disc at Once, Packet Write (variable and fixed), Multisession, Session at Once, CD-MRW (Mt. Rainier)
    DVD (Read/Write)
    DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, Multiborder, Multisession, DVD+VR, DVD-VR (Read only)
    DVD+R/RW (Write)
    Sequential Write, Multisession, Random Access Write DVD+MRW (Physical formatting in background)
    DVD-R/RW (Write)
    Disc at Once, Incremental recording, Multiborder recording, Restricted Overwriting
  • Wide CD-R and CD-RW media compatibility
  • Wide range DVD+R/RW media compatibility
  • Includes PlexTools Professional



  CD   DVD
Usable Formats Write ReWrite Read Play   Write ReWrite Read Play
-- CD-DA * * * *          
-- CD-ROM * * *            
-- CD-ROM + CD-DA * * * *          
-- CD-ROM XA * * *            
-- CD-I * * *            
-- PHOTO-CD * * *            
-- VIDEO-CD * * *            
-- CD-Extra * * * *          
-- CD-TEXT * * *            
-- MULTISESSION * * *     *      
-- DVD-ROM           * * *  
-- DVD-VIDEO           * * * *
-- CD+G * * *            
Writing Modes Track at once    
  Session at once    
  Disc at once   Disc at once
  Multisession   Multisession (only for DVD+R)
  Packet writing   Packet writing
      Random Access Write
      Sequential Write
PoweRec Explanation link
Buffer Underrun Proof Technology  
Lossless Linking  
Zero Linking  

Data Transfer Rate
-- Burst USB 2.0: 480Mbps
  USB 1.1: 12Mbps
  IEEE 1394 (Firewire): 400Mbps
-- Write DVD+R DVD-R CD-R
  6X-8X: 8.100-10.800KB/s (ZCLV) 4X: 5.400KB/s (CLV) 40X: 6.000KB/s (PCAV)
  4X: 5.400KB/s (CLV) 2X: 2700KB/s (CLV) 32X: 4.800KB/s (PCAV)
  2.4X: 3.240KB/s (CLV) 1X: 1350KB/s (CLV) 16X: 2.400KB/s (CLV)
      8X: 1.200KB/s (CLV)
      4X: 600KB/s (CLV)
  4X: 5.400KB/s (CLV) 2X: 2.700KB/s (CLV) 24X: 3.600KB/s (CAV)
  2.4X: 3.240KB/s (CLV) 1X: 1.350KB/s (CLV) 10X: 1.600KB/s (CAV)
      4X: 600KB/s (CLV)
-- Read DVD-ROM   CD-ROM
  5X-12X: 6.750-16.200KB/s (CAV)   17X-40X: 2.710-6.000KB/s (CAV)
      14X-32X: 2.170-4.800KB/s (CAV)
      10X: 1.600-3.600KB/s (CAV)
      8X: 1.200KB/s (CLV)
      4X: 600KB/s (CLV)
Access Time <100ms (CD) <150ms (DVD)
Data Buffer 2MB
Error Rate Mode1: less than 10-12bits
  Mode2: less than 10-9bits

Front Panel
Eject Auto Eject/Manual Emergency
Disc Loading Tray, Auto load/auto eject
Headphone Jack Stereo mini-jack, 0.7V at 100 Ohms

Rear Panel
Power Supply DC +12V ±10%
Audio Connector Rear: RCA jack

Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions 184 x 52 x 265 mm
Weight 2 kg

MTBF 60.000 POH
Tray Loading Eject 50.000 times
Warranty 2 year *
Service On-Site Collect&Return Service **

*only valid in Europe, Middle-East and Africa.
**(EU-Countries + Norway and Switzerland)

©2007 Plextor SA/NV, All rights reserved.