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CD-ROM Drive
Model Name Launch Read Speed Interface Descriptions
DM-3020 1990 1x SCSI First CD-ROM drive with TEXEL brand
DM-3021 1991 1x SCSI 340ms access speed was the fastest in the world
DM-3024 1992 2x SCSI The first 2x CD-ROM drive in the world
DM-3028 1993 2.23x SCSI 1994 Best Choice winning drive at PC Magazine, USA
PX-43CH 1994 4x SCSI The first 4x CD-ROM drive in the world. Won many prizes in USA
PX-43CS 1994 4x SCSI Entry model of PX-43CH.
PX-63CS 1995 6x SCSI The first 6x CD-ROM drive in the world.
PX-43CE 1995 4.5x SCSI Last 4x speed model of Plextor.
PX-83CS 1996 8x SCSI The first SCSI 8x CD-ROM drive in the world.
PX-12TS 1996 12x SCSI The first SCSI 12x CD-ROM drive in the world.
PX-20TS 1997 12-20x SCSI The first SCSI CAV CD-ROM drive in the world.
PX-32TS 1997 13-32x SCSI First Ultra SCSI interface CD-ROM drive in the world.
PX-40TS 1998 17-40x SCSI Improved data transfer speed with special LSI by Adaptec.
PX-4OTSUW 1999 17-40x SCSI The first and only Ultra Wide SCSI interface CD-ROM drive.
*12-20x means, 12x at the most inner track, and 20x at the most outer track.
CD-R/RW Drive
Model Name Launch Speed* Interface Descriptions
PX-R412C 1997 4x/12x SCSI First CD-R drive developed by Shinano Kenshi
PX-R820T 1998 8x/20x SCSI One of the first 8x CD-R drives in the world
PX-W4220T 1999 4x/2x/20x SCSI Entry model of W8220T
PX-W8220T 1999 8x/2x/20x SCSI First Plextor CD-R/RW drive
PX-W8432A 1999 8x/4x/32x ATAPI First Plextor ATAPI model. Obtained many awards worldwide.
PX-W124T 2000 12x/4x/32x SCSI
*Speed is expressed in the order of: Write/Rewrite/Read

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